Why drones are called so…..

Why Drone are called Drone……

Kids questions at times forces you to revisit the long forgotten. This blog series of mine is result of one such incident.

Kenneth Grahame (remember ‘Wind in the Willows’ or ‘Reluctant Dragon’) said “No animal according to animal etiquette is ever expected to do anything strenuous or heroic or even moderately active during off season of Winter’. But why am I remembering winter season during this wet rainy season. 

Unlike harsh, foggy, chilly rather frosty winter morning in north India, it was pleasant winter morning in rural part of Maharashtra with bright sunshine and cloudless deep blue sky. My son came to me with old Remote Control helicopter, his birthday gift a while ago and demanded to fly with him.

Why I started writing blog

Leisure of vacation and deep routed relation with aviation, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to expose him to aviation. We put the battery for charging and started father-son ‘Tech Talk’. While I was enjoying his undivided attention (seldom it happens with this tech savvy rather Mobile savvy generation), he demanded to purchase Drone. What forced me to revisit the long forgotten is his question “Baba (that how Marathi kids address their father), Why Drones are called Drones………