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Like the concept…. willing to share our vision, mission and values.

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We are faceless Indians who are ready to share what we acquire over a period of years.  We as a group agreed to extend our expertise for society and to those who can be benefited. Most  of us being associated with aviation we converge to work in the field related to aviation.

We consider its our social obligation to uplift the society by giving back what we acquire from it. So we are here to help to those who need. Because……

we can.

Why 1800.........

Operator assisted toll free calling or Zenith Number is old concept that  evolved into ‘Free Phone’ or 0800 services by a telecom giant. over a period of time it changed to 1800 following the US and since then 1800 stands for one stop solution provider for all the queries in a particular field. We decided to deal in aviation.